Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine blends modern science with traditional and natural forms of medicine. The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and prevent and treat the underlying cause of disease. Symptoms of disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning of the body, an underlying imbalance, and unfavourable lifestyle habits. Naturopathic doctors are real doctors but their approach to medicine is slightly different than that of most medical doctors. NDs receive similar levels of training and share similar diagnostic and assessment skills but the foundational philosophy of their distinct system of medicine differs from conventional medicine.

Naturopathic medicine treats all forms of health concerns for all ages – from irritating symptoms to chronic illness and from the physical to the psychological. It is the approach, philosophy and training of naturopathic doctors that sets it apart from other forms of health care.

If you’re looking for natural solutions that get to the root of your problems, not just more medications that don’t really give you your health back, you’ve come to the right place.


Before your initial visit, you will need to complete an online initial intake form. An initial visit will typically be 60-90 minutes or more and involves a thorough intake of your health history. You will be allowed to tell Dr. Swamy about what you’ve been experiencing and what your health goals are. Dr. Swamy will ask questions about your sleep, your stress, your diet and digestive system, your mood, your health history, current medications and supplements and more. Be ready to talk a lot during your first initial appointment.
The goal of all the questions is to get to the root cause of the disease and help you figure out WHY you’re feeling the way you are.

Based on your presentation, Dr. Swamy will take your vitals and do any routine physical exams that are necessary, review your lab work if you’ve had some done recently. If you have recent lab results or imaging such as X-rays or MRIs, please bring those to your appointment. Based on your presentation, I will recommend further laboratory tests and/or special diagnostic tests, as well as a referral to other healthcare providers if deemed necessary.

Once Dr. Swamy is confident that she has enough information to know what is causing your health issue, you both will work as a team to come up with a plan of action that you can implement in your life. The visit will also include some recommendations as a starting point for your treatment. Dr. Swamy may also suggest follow-up appointments with other modalities such as Acupuncture or Bowen Therapy.