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Brendan Garofalo


Brendan’s interest in movement and health began in 2011 when he decided to start practicing yoga. After about a year of growth and practice he took a yoga teacher training in Madurai, India and began to teach at a studio in Kingston. As his interest in movement continued to develop, and his desire to learn intensified, he decided to enrol in the Massage Therapy program at The International Academy of Massage in Ottawa where he graduated with honours in 2017.

Brendan prioritizes variety and playfulness in his practice. His practice currently consists of a lot of yoga, calisthenics, and powerlifting but is eager to add some martial arts and various dance styles to his repertoire! He believes that movement has an incredible potential to heal the body and uses his massage practice to help reduce pain and make better movement possible! He also loves educating his clients and helping people to understand their bodies better.

Brendan utilizes trigger point therapy, Swedish techniques, and stretching in his treatments, as well as asking lots of questions about his clients’ daily movements in order to find potential contributors to their pain or movement problems. He has been trained in Functional Range Conditioning and also attended Ido Portal’s Movement Camp in 2019 in Thailand. Brendan is dedicated to continuing his education and passing everything he learns on to his clients!

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