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Matthew Bruce

Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

Matthew is a registered Manual Osteopathic Practitioner who uses a mindful and holistic approach to his treatments. He uses evidence-informed techniques to treat all dysfunctions of the body with a strong emphasis on finding the underlying cause(s) of the symptoms while listening to the individual’s needs. He began his education in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University and continued to study Osteopathy in Hamilton and graduated at the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto.

Matthew believes that health and well-being is deeply intertwined within the individual’s physical, mental and emotional experiences. He believes the anatomical body tells the story of the individual’s experiences. Therefore, his treatments are unique to the patient and are encouraged to be used as a part of an integrative treatment plan. Matthew’s intention is to reduce pain and suffering while educating his patients so that all beings can reach their highest potential.

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