K-Taping offered by Alexandrea

This appointment is to have our RMT apply K-tape to help pain management.
K-Taping is a holistic, non-pharmaceutical therapy, effective in the management of signs and symptoms in a range of clinical conditions. It supports almost the entire spectrum of our treatment, offering our therapist a multitude of new treatment possibilities, including but not limited to, low back or neck pain; muscle tension; joint instabilities; disc problems; migraines; tinnitus; menstrual pain; and some urinary disorders. Its use has also been established in competitive and professional sport for injury prevention, treatment, and pre-training preparation.

K-Taping also offers an effective approach for management of post-operative edema, for example in primary ACL reconstruction. There is evidence that it contributes to successful management of lymphedema in post-operative breast cancer.

K-Taping therapy can help reduce pain, facilitate muscle function and improve circulation. It is thought to stimulate proprioception and lymphatic flow, promoting structural support and tissue healing.

Fees vary depending on the application and the amount of tape being used/ application.

This service is offered by a Registered Massage Therapist, therefore can be covered by insurance.