Manual Osteopathy is a natural hands-on form of therapy.  It is very gentle and non-invasive.  It is the scientific study of the body, mind and spirit.

Osteopathy aims to facilitate health and wellness as well as improve efficient functioning of the human body by gently mobilizing bones, muscles, ligaments and other structures.  This helps the body to maximize its own health and efficiency by increasing circulation, alignment and mobility.  Osteopathy has been shown to deliver positive therapeutic outcomes.

**An Osteopathic visit with Andrée is a complete body therapy to recognize and alleviate imbalances in the bones, muscles, joints, organs or systems of the body. This is followed through with gentle mobilization, moving bones and joints (without going past comfort range of motion) with Acupressure, Trigger point therapy and/or Visceral work (to release organ tissue constraints.) This sequence is intended to bring about balance, harmony and relief, whether it be needed physically, mentally or emotionally. At times an Osteo visit will include a Cranial Osteopathic protocol, to begin with, to release transverse tissue restrictions to alleviate overall body tension as well as to improve and increase the proper functioning of the Cerebrospinal fluid which is housed in the spinal column. This greatly assists a person to relax prior to mobilization.